Our experience

Real Estate
•    Construction of Hilton Warsaw and Platinum Towers
•    Control and Management of the Hilton Warsaw
•    Preparation, site permits and coordination the project of Hilton Warsaw Complex, Platinum Towers, HPO, G85 site and others
•    Introduction of laminated packaging and cooking products into the food, chemical and other relevant markets, co-operating with CLP, Log , Ducart, Sanplast and other Israeli producers

IT and Telecommunication

•    Introduction and management of Netia in the South of Poland
•    Representation of Israeli hightech companies for promotion of advanced product
•    Introduction of American and European products into Polish Telcom market

•    Introduction of electro-optical security devices in military, para-military and civilian applications cooperating with Bumar and PCO

Logistic services

•    Introduction into Polish market - Aroma Espresso Bar